Influence of heavy trucks' vibration on road damage

Influence of heavy trucks' vibration on road damage


  • Mingming Sun
  • Vanliem Nguyen Hubei Polytechnic University


In the condition of the heavy trucks moving on the road surface, the vibration generated by the wheel and road surface interaction not only reduces the ride comfort but also impacts the road surface damage. To evaluate the effect of the different heavy trucks on road damage, three dynamic models of the 2-axle, 3-axle, and 4-axle heavy truck are established and simulated based on Matlab/Simulink software. The evaluation indexes of the dynamic tire load, dynamic load coefficient, and dynamic load-stress factor are selected to evaluate the friendly load of the heavy trucks under the different operating conditions of the vehicle speeds, vehicle loads, and road surface roughness, respectively. The research results show that the design parameters of heavy trucks including suspension system, tires, and axle load distributions have a greater effect on the dynamic tire force than the total weight of the vehicle. To ensure the safety of the road surface, the traffic management needs to intervene quickly to give a speed limit for vehicles when they move under the empty loaded condition and the poor road surface condition.